Shooting Through Time Cast List!!

Shooting Through Time Cast List!!

The Prop Box team would just like to say a huge well done to all who auditioned for our original summer show, ‘Shooting Through Time’. We were amazed at the amount of talent and confidence in the room and it made casting very tricky! The casting decision is final and the parts offered are yours to accept or turn down. So without further ado…


Faye – Rianna Russell

Isabella РNell Sarton

Caretaker – Elliot Cox

Maria – Jodi Griffin

Ren – Taylor Ford

Cath – Charlotte Bailey

Martin – Kieran Lubbock

Ashley – Amelia Veal

Taylor – Millie O’Neill

Heather – Bryony Richardson

Teacher – Charlie Lubbock

Stephanie – Chesney Karisa

Flo – Benita Raphaels

Annette – Clare Airiemiokhale

Dancer 1 – Eva Lamb

Dancer 2 – Mia Bundy

Dancer 3 – Scarlett Dennis

Tracy – Lauryn Griffin

Penny – Molly Reynolds

Edna – Jess Anderson

Policeman – Luke Anderson

Annie – Millie Pannell

Frank – Ryan Dennis

Sherrif – Charlie Lubbock

Lead Ensemble – Jayden Vincent-Smith, Isaac Benham, Connie Foster, Victoria Griabouczyt,

Mia Blunt, Jack Costello