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When you think of the word  audition it conjures up images of standing in front of an Britain’s Got Talent-style panel hovering over their buzzers!

In actual fact the real purpose of an audition is to show what you can do and the potential you may have!

At Prop Box we audition for every show and attempt to share lead roles across multiple productions to be fair. Our audition process still tries to assemble the highest quality cast possible, so if you don’t get a lead role first time – fear not, it probably means you’re just not quite ready yet and we will continue to work with you to develop your talents and to improve your skills until you are ready.



If you have been asked to prepare something make sure that you have done your homework and you know the song, dance or excerpt from the script really well. Nerves can sometimes get the better of you but if things go wrong due to lack of preparation this will ruin your chances of landing the role you want!


If you try too hard it won’t come across naturally. Being yourself is what your best at and you will give a more confident performance if you play to your skills and strengths.


Even though you are technically all competing against each other at the same time, you are all also in the same situation! The audition panel are also looking for signs that you can work as a team player and have the ability to perform with a diverse range of ages and types of performer.


If you have an interest in performing whether it be singing, dancing or acting, always let your enthusiasm shine through! It’s always exciting to watch an audition piece from someone who has real passion and isn’t frightened to show it, it doesn’t matter if you are 100% perfect  – your enthusiasm will sometimes convince the panel to take a chance on you!


Remember this is your chance to shine….the panel will watch lots of people audition so you want them to remember you!

Make sure you speak calmly and clearly, don’t rush! Take a breath to steady your nerves, look up, and speak/sing to the back of the room to make sure you are heard clearly.


Always be nice to the panel greet them when you enter the audition room . Say hello and introduce yourself to the panel and the pianist   who may be accompanying you. People like to work with nice people – it’s that simple!

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